The Satellite Meeting on  “Mechanisms of Protein Evolution III 2015: Origins” is planned for

  • Nov 8-10, Autumn 2015.

See “overview” for theme details. Please contact Kathy.R.Thomas {at} with questions. Hashtag #proteinevol Please see news page. A map with the library circled is here. There is an updated agenda.


SMBE Satellite Meeting on


Mechanisms of Protein Evolution III 2015: Origins

at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus, Colorado, USA

Fall 2015, Nov 8-10.


Belinda Chang, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Richard Goldstein, University College London

David Pollock, University of Colorado School of Medicine


This SMBE satellite meeting will focus on a mechanistic understanding of selective pressures on the one hand and neutral evolutionary processes on the other.

The subtopic of this year’s meeting is “origins”, which will include theory on de novo gene birth, exaptation of novel function from transposable elements, neo-functionalization from existing genes, adaptive modification of functions, and synthetic biology. We are particularly interested in this meeting to explore how our understanding of the mechanisms of protein evolution will influence how we analyze data and how the immense wealth of incoming data will influence our models. Of strongest interest are the influences of structural, biophysical and systems biology principles on how we view protein evolution. We are interested in a wide variety of related topics such as adaptation, convergence, coevolution, and model development. As in past years, we broadly interpret our topic to include exciting interactions with fields as diverse as phylogenetics, human population genetics, and RNA structure.

Topics include adaptation, coevolution, convergence, neutral processes, prediction of folding, prediction of mutational effects, the influence of protein-protein interactions on protein evolution, and the interaction of next-gen sequencing and model development.

This is a small meeting, with plenty of opportunity for interaction. Talks by students as well as more senior folk are encouraged. There will be a poster session this year in addition to talks.

See 2011 Program and 2013 Program Program for examples of past talks.

Confirmed Speakers

Patsy Babbitt

Dan Bolon

Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis

Belinda Chang

Cassandra Extavour

Richard Goldstein

Joanna Masel

Mary O’Connell

Carrie Olson-Manning

David Pollock

Douglas Theobald

Claus Wilke

See Speaker Bios for more information


The 2015 meeting will be held this fall from 12:00 pm on Sunday November 8 to 1:00 pm on Tuesday, November 10. The meeting will be held in Health Science Library Reading Room and Gallery at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.


David Pollock – David.Pollock {at}

Administrative Contact: Kathy Thomas (Kathy.R.Thomas {at}


The Consortium for Comparative Genomics, UC School of Medicine





If you are interested in co-sponsoring this event, please contact us.